CGI of a Hydrogen heavy goods vehicle pulling up to a re filling station

Heavy vehicle

Vehicles and products associated with the movement of people, goods, and services.

Supporting the heavy vehicle sector with a range of products and services to meet their diverse needs, with an awareness of the new environmental legislations


Truck, bus and van designs are undergoing radical changes with steep learning curves as the ergonomics of the vehicles are changing

New start-up companies with tech backgrounds have a different mindset to conventional manufacturers. This has been driven by the increased demand for ‘last mile deliveries’ supporting online shopping which has seen the development of electric vehicles (EV) manufactured on a common skateboard platform. This necessitates a fast to market supply chain including early design involvement which provides solutions for these latest designs. Other considerations include accommodating the weight of the electric battery and housing units. This is important for environmental consideration in inner city deliveries. 


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From chassis to cab we supply a diverse range of fasteners and components. 



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