Light vehicle

Light vehicle

Passenger cars, SUVs, niche builds, leisure, and off-road vehicles.

Legislation and public demand are driving the acceleration of zero emission vehicles, resulting in rapid changes to design involving new fastening requirements with an increasing speed of deployment and with an awareness of the new environmental legislations


Holistically TR is capable of supplying most of the fastenings within a vehicle and we initially focused on vehicle interiors but our range has increased significantly to encompass most of the Bill of Material (BoM)

With the rapid acceleration of electric vehicles and the battery technology, we see opportunities being generated globally as companies work towards the target of zero emission vehicles by 2030.

The scale of change brings with it newer technical challenges, such as heat & cable management, conductivity and electrostatic finishes. Often these demands are fast paced and required globally on modular platforms. Nowhere is this more evident than in the battery housings.

In response to these needs our engineering and technical support is deployed early in the design cycle. The demands of the circular economy and meeting the recyclability of product is also a strong consideration in any new design. Correct fastener design and selection is key to the success of the modularity and design life of the skateboard platforms, by strategically selecting serviceable fasteners where modules or elements will require maintenance or potential updating in future. The right selection of fasteners helps meet eco-design criteria. This retains the maximum value at the end of a vehicles life and plays a part in the preparation of extended producer responsibility regulations. This also aids the final responsibility for disposal of their manufactured products.

Speed to market and an introduction of innovative design and service solutions which create value throughout the supply chain, underlining the USP that TR provides.


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