Have security fasteners down to a fine art

Not only do security fasteners protect against theft and improve health and safety aspects, they are also used due to their discreet appearance. Unlike standard fastenings, security fasteners can have more of a subtle look, and can be designed with the products aesthetics in mind. This means high-end environments can be kept safe whilst still looking good. For example, the Science Museum in London uses security fastenings on its valuable exhibits, as they do not deteriorate the look of the item which they are securing.
They are often also used on badges and plaques, designer playgrounds and works of art that are in public places. For example, the Shear Nuts & Bolts have a hexagon part which shears off at a predetermined torque, leaving a smooth, permanent finish.
Available in a range of sizes, these fasteners can be used across product types and variations and be adjusted to specific environments or requirements. By implementing security and tamper-resistant engineering right at the beginning of the product development phase, we can ensure we are doing all we can to contribute to a safer and more secure world.

Security Fastener Range »

Not unlike standard fasteners, security fasteners’ basic function is to fasten components to their enclosures or to secure product structures together. 


Health and Safety »

The introduction of stricter health and safety laws has led to the increasing use of security fasteners being designed into products.  


Security »

Security fasteners are used when it is important that the enclosed components cannot be tampered with or the structures easily removed.