Singapore Manufacturing

The TR Group Manufacturing Facilities

We have a manufacturing network spanning two continents, producing approximately 8 billion parts per annum. Our factories are strategically placed geographically to provide cost efficient product to very high quality standards.

Our factories are dedicated to producing high volume parts specifically to customer drawings. In addition, our strategic partnerships with other major manufacturers allows us to offer a wide range of special parts, including:
  • Cold headed products
  • Complex multi stage forging
  • Special parts to customer drawing
  • Turned & machined parts

Our manufacturing network spans two continents and represents approximately a third of the Group’s business.

As a manufacturer we appreciate the importance of quality, cost and consistency. We can ensure parts are made in the right part of the world to meet your cost and delivery needs.
  • 7 factories
  • In-house heat treatment facilities
  • Automated optical sorting facilities
  • Specialised packing capability
TR SFE 150 TR Formac Singapore TR VIC TR PSEP Malaysia TR Formac Malaysia


(Taiwan x2)

TR Formac





(Malaysia x2)

TR Hank


One of the key criteria for many global OEM’s is in-house manufacturing. Our facilities allow us to exceed customer expectation and solidify our position as a Full Service Provider. 

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