Fasteners Manufacturing

Investment in Manufacturing

TR has a well defined investment programme to provide continual momentum to the business. Within manufacturing we look to increase capacity and capability by installing equipment best suited to the customers served by each location.

TR SFE Taiwan completed an extension to one of its two facilities in 2015 to house another 20 machines, an increase of 15%. We have recently acquired 5 bolt forming and 5 thread rolling machines. This new machinery increases our capability to manufacture complex parts, further supporting our customer needs, especially within the automotive sector. The new layout improves the working environment and streamlines production movement and utilisation. 

At VIC in Italy our investment has been comprehensive with a focus on staff, quality and production. Within production we have increased our manufacturing efficiency and component complexity with the introduction of 8 cold forging machines. We have increased our manufacturing precision and thread range by adding smart thread rolling machinery.  
With a zero defects objective for assembly, we have introduced new optical sorting machines capable of measuring over 25 component aspects at rates of up to 450 pcs/minute.
To ensure quality is present at all levels, we have also made significant improvements to our office environment, maximising the comfort of our staff. 

In Malaysia, we have added a new state of the art Japanese 6 die - 6 blow machine. By installing the highest quality machinery we have further aligned ourselves with our customers requirements. Production tooling demands have been reduced by introducing more efficient and flexible plant equipment. This single machine will produce very large and complex automotive engine parts, safety critical seating and braking components.   

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