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A key supplier to the sheet metal industry specialising in female threaded inserts.

For over 45 years TR Fastenings’ UK manufacturing plant in East Sussex has been a volume producer of the branded Hank® product range of Rivet Bushes


The Hank manufacturing facility is within the same complex as the HQ of Trifast plc in Uckfield and is attached to TR’s largest distribution site

The purpose-built factory which opened in 1992, houses 50 single and multi-spindle machines and produces 3.5 million parts each month. The multi-spindle machines with automatic bar feeders, can turn and drill parts, produce knurled features and part off a steel component in as little as 1.2 seconds. This product is used extensively in the sheet metal industry as it gives a strong internal thread in the sheet when inserted.

Hank has recently developed CNC machining capacity having invested in the Star SR32-Jll enabling them to produce high quality, complex special turned parts for prototyping, and preproduction runs.  


Our capabilities


Machine capabilities

Types of machines
  • CNC machine
  • 39 Davenport machines
  • Automatically bar fed for high volume production
Secondary operations
  • Hank locking - self locking feature which can be added to Rivet Bushes
Diameter range
  • M2-M12 on multi-spindle machines

Heat treatment and sorting

Heat treatment
  • External heat treatment
Optical sorting
  • Optical sorting
  • Roller sorting
External finishing
  • Electroplated product
  • Other finishes to customer requirements
Cleaning machines
  • Fully enclosed vapor degreaser
  • Ultrasonic cleaning

Licences and accreditations

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 14001:2015

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TR branded product
  • Hank® Self Clinch Fasteners
  • Hank® Rivet Bushes
  • Blind Rivet Nuts
  • Blind Rivets
  • Weld Nuts
  • K-Series® Nuts
  • K-Series® Thin Nuts

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Areas of expertise

Highly skilled and long serving workforce e.g. in excess of 20 years experience.

Producing a high quality range of product for the sheet metal industry.

Meeting the needs of the differing requirements depending on the product application. 

Deep knowledge of the product and in giving support on the insertion data which is crucial to the performance of the product.

Utilises the APQP process and meets the demands of some of the customer base who require this level of documentation.



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