Our Suppliers Shipment Containers

How We Manage Our Suppliers

The very nature of our business necessitates a large and varied supply chain which presents both challenges and opportunities. As new accounts are won, we invariably add new vendors to the system. The challenges are centered on supporting the sourcing teams across the Group, ensuring that we have the correct supply chain to support the growth in new business enquiries. 

Opportunities presented by new suppliers give us strategic leverage, particularly when exploring a new product range. Our global enquiry portal, created in-house, enables us to have input early on into the vendor selection, and we work very closely with sales, local sourcing teams and quality to select the correct vendor and route to market. 

Supplier Management

TR has internal quality and sustainability standards which suppliers are required to comply with.

Approved Vendor List (AVL)

Our top suppliers are identified by how important they are to us strategically.

Anti-Dumping & Transhipping

Anti-dumping and transhipping procedures are followed by all TR locations globally.