Vendor Management Warehouse

Supplier Management

All sub-tier suppliers to TR Fastenings are required to comply with the internal quality and sustainability standards we set and are required to declare that any relevant local legislation is complied with. 

To become an approved supplier to TR the company must either sign the Quality & Sustainability Agreement (available on request) or agree to a development program for future compliance.

Supplier Quality Agreement

The Supplier Quality & Sustainability Agreement includes:

  • Product quality
  • Business ethics
  • Health, safety and environmental management
  • CSR
  • Risk management strategy
  • Financial security

Supplier Approval Procedure

Supplier Approval Procedure

  • Vendor Assessment Questionnaire
  • Automotive supplier request process
  • Bench Mark Enquiry
  • Vendor audit
  • Business Review

Product Approval

Product Approval:

  • Approval documentation
  • Legislative compliance declaration
  • Sealed box process

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