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Code of Business Conduct

At Trifast we have a continuing commitment to conduct our business operations in a fair and ethical manner and to comply with all relevant laws and regulations, within all of our operating locations around the globe. 
The Code contains our Vision, our Mission and our Core Values, together with our policies for ensuring ethical business practice. 

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We also recognise that our business activities can have an impact on the communities in which we operate and we remain very keen to interact responsibly with those communities.  
As a global Company we bring together people from a wide variety of backgrounds, origins, experiences and cultures. It is our responsibility to respect and value others and maintain high ethical standards.
Our reputation as a global business is critical to our success. We therefore ask that all employees adhere to our Corporate Values and follow this Code. We also ask that responsible business conduct is adhered to throughout our supply chain. As such we expect our customers, suppliers, distributors, contractors and other suppliers of goods and services all around the globe to observe all relevant laws and regulations as well as the conditions of our Code of Business Conduct. 
Mark Belton
Chief Executive Officer
Trifast Plc
Published 24.07.18
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