Domestic Appliances

Already a major supplier to the main brands in this Industry for over 40 years, TR Fastenings continues to develop products and services to support this high volume and demanding industry.

Domestic Appliances

Consolidation of the number of parts used and the management of the bill of materials has been a large part of our success in this sector. TR can provide the logistics expertise, coupled with the ability to aid on design to this discerning market.

This requires involvement at an early stage with designers, engineers and production personnel to assist them in producing the most effective and economic product. Introducing new product concepts that speed up production output with new thread forms and drives, helping to eliminate the weight of the parts and suggestions where plastic fastenings could be utilised, all help in reducing the total cost of the product in this very competitive market.

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We have documented examples of how we have worked with some of the major household names. TR Fastenings has significantly increased its penetration into this sector following the acquisition of VIC, who are in close proximity to some of the major design centres in Italy. They have challenged many of the fixings previously used, and have been instrumental in changing the major fastenings implemented. This involved the development of one piece plastic mouldings, captivating the screw, and has replaced a four piece assembly, saving weight and cost.
Another example is the development of high performance screws for thin sheet applications to answer the need for consistent clamping in ever decreasing sheet thickness.

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