TR - Supplying the Medical industry with fasteners and components for over 25 years - We're here to support you and can act swiftly.

Working with many of the industry leading healthcare OEM's and their subcontractors, TR provides a wide variety of fasteners and components for medical applications. Our knowledge of this sector allows us to speedily support the specific needs of the industry, ranging from standard items to volume bespoke parts.
Our aim is to work with designers, production and purchasing staff to deliver the most cost effective fastener solutions on both a local and global level.

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The components supplied by TR are used for the manufacture and assembly of a wide range of medical equipment applications, including; ventilators, medical beds & furniture, ultrasound machines, medical imaging equipment, defibrillators, incubators, medical computer stands, volumetric pumps & infusion devices, vacuum extractors and many other vital pieces of medical equipment. In addition TR has customers involved with products to support patient mobility and prosthetic limbs.
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Product Range

TR supplies components to over 5000 companies globally across a wide range of industries. Every industry has specific needs in both product and quality requirements which we can meet through the extent of our portfolio and scope of our quality certification. In addition to TR's extensive range of standard and branded fasteners, a large part of what we supply are to customer drawings, special parts and Cat C components. 
Steel and Stainless Steel
Plastic Hardware
Sheet Metal Fasteners
Fasteners for Plastic V2
Hinges, Gaskets and Seals
Castors, feet and threaded tube inserts
Locks and Handles
TR Medical Products Face Visor Kit
L-bow Handle

Medical Flyer

TR Medical Industry Flyer

Download our flyer including an overview on the services and products TR Fastenings supplies to the Medical Industry.

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TR Fastenings Medical Presentation

TR Medical Industry Presentation

Download our Medical Industry presentation for further information on how we can support this sector.

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