TR Self Clinch FAQs


FAQ – People also ask:

Can stainless steel Self Clinch Fastenings be used in stainless steel material?

No, it has to be a hardened stainless steel.

Product code: Hardened stainless steel products can be identified when there is a '4' (400 series) i.e. TR-FH4, TR-SO4, TR-SP4 

Does the shape of the Self Clinch change after installation?

No, the mating material forms around the fastening.

Product code: All products.

Is special installation equipment required to install Self Clinch? 

Yes, punch and anvil.

Product code: All products.

Can stainless steel Self Clinch Fastenings be used in stainless steel sheet?

No, as the parent material has to be softer, a hardened stainless steel fastening has to be used.

What is the principle difference between a Hank® Round Serrated Spigot Rivet Bush and Hank® Round Serrated Face Rivet Bush?

The Hank® Round Serrated Face Rivet Bush offers a higher torsional resistance.

What pressing fastening offers the biggest range for a single product?

The K-Series® Nut ranges from M2.5-M20, suitable for sheet thicknesses from 1.0mm-4.0mm 

What product can I use if I have punched hexagon shaped holes?

Blind Rivet Nuts include a range with a hexagon body, suitable for hexagon punched holes.

Do I need access to both sides of the sheet when inserting Blind Rivet Nuts or Blind Rivets?

No, the Blind Rivet Nuts or Blind Rivets are one of the few sheet metal products that can be installed from one side only.

What part of a Blind Rivet is used? What part is discarded upon installation?

The body, shell or hat is retained, whilst the stem, tail or mandrel snaps and is discarded during insertion.

Can Blind Rivets and Blind Rivet Nut products be installed on and off site?


What is the difference between knurled and plain grip?

Blind Rivet Nuts, knurled grip offer a higher torsional resistance to plain grip.

Are Weld Nuts available in different types?

Yes. Hexagon (DIN929) or Square (DIN928) are both available from stock.

What type of weld products do TR offer?

Weld Nuts (DIN929/DIN928), Weld Studs (ISO13918), Weld Pins (ISO13918 Pin) and Weld Standoffs (ISO13918 INT) are all available from stock.

Can you weld zinc plated weld products?

No, the plating finish makes it difficult to weld, so self-finished (nuts) or copper flashed (studs, pins and standoffs) are offered.

Is the sheet thickness a factor when considering Weld Nuts?

No, Weld Nuts can be used regardless of sheet thickness.