Are you interested in becoming a TR Distributor?

We follow a simple process that can be adapted to your individual requirements:

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Let us:

Present our capabilities

  • We have a selection of proven sales and marketing initiatives which utilise face to face selling, advertising and direct mail
  • We will provide bespoke marketing programmes designed to suit your needs
  • We have warehousing facilities located in the UK and Europe giving you easy access to all of our products 
  • We have an incredibly strong brand presence in the UK and Europe 
  • Dedicated distribution customer service team
  • 24 hour support through our global website

Illustrate our products

We have an extensive range of self clinching fasteners, rivet bushes, inserts and screws for plastic, blind rivets and nuts, plastic components, security fasteners, self locking nuts and more. Our self clinch fasteners are now the fastest growing product range through our European distribution network due to superior quality, competitive pricing and market acceptance.

Demonstrate our strengths

The geographical positioning of our 8 manufacturing locations coupled with our strategically placed distribution centres ensures that we can supply customers around the world quickly and competitively with high quality product. 

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Geographical location

Where are you located? 

Business size 

What is your turnover and how many people do you employ?

Key industrial sectors

Which industries do you supply? 

Product offering

Which products do you currently distribute? 


Are you a single or multi branch operation? 

Business strategy

What are your current and future business plans? 

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Finalise and announce your appointment

Following a successful review of your business, we will announce your appointment as one of our premier distribution partners and launch our unique sales and marketing programme with you.

Product training

Our field sales team will come to your location and train you on all aspects of our products. 

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Press releases

We will work with your team to produce a release promoting our partnership. 

Promotional material 

We have a large selection of literature including product brochures and flyers which can be personalised to include your logo and company details. 


A selection of gifts can be supplied fully branded with your company details for distribution to your customers. 

Product specifc emails

We will produce fully customised product focussed emails for you to circulate to your customer base. 

If you are interested in becoming a distributor please contact us: 

Adam John - European Distribution Sales Manager
T: 0044 1825 747 306 
F: 0044 870 458 7912