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Design For Manufacture

We understand that the development of applications can be a time consuming process, which is why our team of specialists is on hand to support and guide you, from developing new products to adapting an existing range to suit your application.

We follow a simple process that can be adapted for your individual application:
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Technical Design

Technical design engineers

TR’s manufacturing locations have skilled engineers working on tooling and product development.

This is essential support for the technical sales engineers who are spending time either in the field supporting TR customers, or in their design centres working in tandem with their counterparts.


Test facilities in TR’s manufacturing sites 

We score highly in customer audits when they observe our in-house facilities and the investment in the latest technology.

One unique example is the Dojo training area in TR Powersteel Malaysia. This houses a training centre with a heading machine so that we can discuss and work on technical issues, problem solving ideas and conduct “tear downs” with both our technical staff and customers. 

2D:3D CAD Support

Solidworks and 2D / 3D CAD support 

TR in-house engineers are fully equipped to give drawing support to our own manufacturing facilities and customers.

This extends to our website which enables TR’s customers to access standard and proprietary product drawings and download them onto their own templates. This saves time and cost, and the parts list available is being constantly increased.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping

Having 7 manufacturing facilities enables us to support quick start-ups of new parts, or work on development parts as they evolve.

We have invested in 3D printing (Additive manufacturing) which is used to synthesize a three dimensional part. Often this is sufficient to prove the functionality of a complex part and saves on costly prototypes, tooling and time.    

Product Introduction

NPI new product introduction 

This could be either a new product that TR want to launch, or a new part or build for a customer.

We work to the APQP process and have teams evaluating the feasibility of a part at inception and at the enquiry stage. Once a new design has been sealed, this team helps to control the product through the various manufacturing stages to trials and full production and then final sign off.     

Technical Support

On-site technical support 

We provide this service to customers who require support to prove a new product or a build on site, problem solve, or as part of a VA/VE or Kaizen exercise.

TR engineers have mobile equipment to conduct various tests on the production line which greatly assists our understanding. We engage in VA/VE = value add / value engineering, and Kaizen exercises to assist in product rationalisation, standardisation and vendor reduction to improve both product, productivity and costs.   

24 Hour Support

24 hour technical support 

As a global company working in all time zones we have people available 24 hours a day.

This is supported by the wealth of technical data and industry information on our website. 

Contact us - Global Engineering Support - engineering@trfastenings.com