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Employee Development

TR owes its success to the greatest asset it has, its people. We aim to recruit and, most importantly, retain the best people. 

We do this through robust recruitment practices and once an employee is in post, they have access to a structured performance management system and a comprehensive training and development programme which operates at all levels within the business, from new apprentices to future leaders of the Group.​

Employees Performance

Performance Management

TR's performance management system is based around the key performance indicators of TR. 

Individual objectives are set in line with the overall objectives of the company. 

Employees Comms


Communication with our employees is very important.

Each year, senior team members visit the business locations to speak to all employees about the progress and innovations within the Group as well as the performance of the Group as a whole, making it clear how individuals have contributed to those results. 

Employees Succession

Succession Planning

Succession planning is a key activity and we continue to provide relevant training programmes at all levels within the business, where possible bringing employees from different locations to be trained together.

This brings the added benefit of improved communication throughout the Group. 

Apprenticeships Training

Training and development 

The new Training and Development module within the HR system was successfully rolled out to the UK and European sites and training opportunities can now be accessed at any time and the available courses have been made specific to the locations.

This has allowed greater flexibility in the access to and delivery of training with training needs analysis being carried out on a monthly basis to ensure more timely completion of requested training. 
The system also has a built in evaluation process ensuring that feedback on the trainer, the content of the training course and the venue can be analysed effectively. 

Work is underway to develop an operational staff training programme which will concentrate on skills development link and to the competency framework within our performance management system. The programme will also include visits to a customer and supplier and provide an input on functional areas of the business to allow participants to gain a better understanding of how our business functions interlink. 

Team Leaders 

Team leader training continues to be an important programme that allows us to develop supervisory and initial management skills for those employees identified as having the potential or desire to be in positions which require such skills.

Leadership Programmes

The Leadership Programme, which has been highlighted in the last two Annual Reports, has now been cascaded to senior managers in the business and will continue to flow to other levels within the organisation to aid and assist our succession planning. 
This programme is set at Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced levels and has been designed to enhance and strengthen communication across the organization with groups coming together from different locations to be trained. The programme focuses on personal leadership development as a foundation, which is then built upon with further modules of leadership development from the perspective of leading others. The programme is already delivering a cohesive, strategic approach to embedding a shared culture within TR, with a common language. 

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