TR Product Videos

We have built up a library of installation animations and 'How To' videos for our product ranges as well as a selection of clips showcasing our latest product innovation.
To view our individual product installation animations please navigate to the relevant product pages and click on the Product Video button or visit our YouTube channel.

TR Sheet Metal Fasteners 

An overview showing our key Sheet Metal Fasteners and how they are installed.


TR Fasteners for Plastic

An overview showing our Screws and Inserts for Plastic products and how they are installed.


TR Enclosure Hardware

An overview showing our range of Enclosure Hardware products and how they are installed.

TR Plastic Hardware

An overview showing our range of Plastic Hardware products and how they are installed.

TR Security Fasteners

An overview showing our Security Fastener range and how they are installed.

TR EPW Self-Extruding Screw

Trifast's Viteria Italia Centrale (TR VIC) have developed and patented a brand new self-extruding thread-form called EPW. TR EPW screws create their own female threads in punched sheet metal thereby dramatically reducing the cost and time of assembly.

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