Sheet Metal Products: Self Clinching fastener solutions for pressing installation

TR Fastenings manufactures and distributes a wide spectrum of sheet metal fastening products that are pressed into pre-punched holes. These include our own branded Hank® Self Clinch fasteners, Hank® Rivet Bushes, and K-Series® Nuts. TR’s sheet metal clinching products provide strong load bearing threads in sheet metal of differing thicknesses.

Installation process overview

Hank® Self Clinch fasteners are designed for installation when both sides of the sheet metal are accessible using a parallel squeezing force, delivered by pneumatic press.

The fast and simple pressing installation process using Hank® Self Clinch studs, nuts, standoffs or panel fasteners creates mutual self deformation between the mating part and the sheet metal fixing. The clinch fastener becomes a permanent part of the sheet metal panel delivering a hugely reliable and strong fixing.


We hold an extensive range of our own branded Hank® Self Clinch products in stock, with access to either our own manufacturers or reliable distributor networks we can also deliver bespoke or product variants at speed.

Hank Self Clinch

Hank® Self Clinch Fasteners »

Designed to offer a permanent female or male thread in sheet metal across a wide range of critical applications, our own-branded Hank® Self Clinch products come in a range of shapes and sizes, including threaded clinch studs, clinch nuts, standoffs, panel fasteners and pins. All have a high pull-out and torque tolerance and come in a wide variety of materials and plated finishes.
Hank Rivet Bush

Hank® Rivet Bushes »

Our comprehensive range of Hank® Rivet Bushes are designed to add load bearing female threads in thin sheet metal. Offering the best torsional and pull-out resistance, our range of Rivet Bush products include round serrated face, round serrated spigot, hexagon, standoffs, mini round, Tank and Swage.
Our Hank® Rivet Bushes are manufactured in a variety of materials and finishes.
K Series Nuts

K-Series® Nuts »

Our K-Series® Nuts are versatile products providing a strong and permanent female thread for sheet metal and some plastic applications too thin to be tapped by usual methods. Our K-Series® standard and thin nuts can be installed using a standard press. Once fixed, our K-Series® Nuts offer a strong fixing and permanent thread with a high prevailing torque and pull-out resistance.

Top FAQs

Can stainless steel self clinch fastenings be used in stainless steel sheet?

No, as the parent material has to be softer, a hardened stainless steel fastening has to be used.

What is the principle difference between a Hank® Round Serrated Spigot Rivet Bush and Hank® Round Serrated Face Rivet Bush?

The Hank® Round Serrated Face Rivet Bush offers a higher torsional resistance.

What pressing fastening offers the biggest range for a single product?

The K-Series® Nut ranges from M2.5-M20, suitable for sheet thicknesses from 1.0mm-4.0mm 

Did you know?

The Self Clinch range of products were invented in 1942, whilst the Hank® Rivet Bush dates back to 1928.   

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