Sheet Metal - related products:

To complement our sheet metal products, TR Fastenings also offer compatible items to enhance these ranges.


TR’s sheet metal related products include spring steel fasteners, masking caps and plugs, enclosure hardware and a full range of DIN & ISO standard bolts and screws.

Spring steel fasteners

Spring Steel Fasteners »

Our range of steel fasteners, from Cage Nuts, Flat Nuts, Torque Nuts to Multi Thread U Nuts, come in a variety of specifications and threads to offer protection and convenience for a range of sheet metal racks, panels and enclosures.
Masking caps and plugs

Masking Caps and Plugs »

Our silicone Masking Caps and Plugs are manufactured from premium materials, are suitable for all thread masking needs, and can withstand temperatures up to 315 C°. They are widely used alongside our Hank® Rivet Bushes and Hank® Self Clinch ranges and used to protect threads from processes that have the potential to impact on thread performance.
Enclosure Hardware

Enclosure Hardware »

TR is a leading global supplier of Enclosure Hardware, including Locking Systems, Locks, Lock Components, Hinges, Clamps, Terminals, Gaskets, Latches, Handles and other accessories. Our robust range of Enclosure Hardware products are supplied into a wide range of industries worldwide, including Telecoms, Transport, Energy, Oil and Gas, and HVAC.
Screws and bolts

Screws and Bolts »

Our range of DIN and ISO standard Screws and Bolts are widely used in the assembly process.

We believe knowledge sharing is fundamental to innovation and that’s why problem solving is part of our DNA at TR. Our knowledge base, which has been developed to directly help our customers, includes animated installation guides, tooling requirements, technical information, fastener standards and comparison tables.

If you need to know any further information about our sheet metal fastening products, simply get in touch with our expert technical team.

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Sheet Metal products

Sheet Metal Product Focus »

For over 45 years TR Fastenings has been at the forefront of sheet metal fastener innovation, manufacture and distribution, offering a wide range of products to suit a number of different applications and sectors.

Hank Self Clinch fasteners

Pressing »

TR manufactures and distributes a wide spectrum of sheet metal fastening products that are pressed into pre-punched holes. These include our own branded Hank® Self Clinch fasteners, Hank® Rivet Bushes, and K-Series® Nuts.

Weld Studs

Welding »

TR offers high quality Weld Studs and Weld Nuts for sheet metal across a wide range of industries. Our Weld Nuts and Studs provide permanent female or male thread in sheet metal that is too thin to be tapped by other fastening methods.

Blind rivets and blind rivet nuts

Riveting »

Riveting, one of many different methods for joining sheet metal, offers a permanent fastening solution which achieves a strong joint in blind sheet metal applications.