Sheet Metal Products: for installation by riveting

TR Fastenings is an innovative manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of fastenings for the sheet metal industries. Riveting, one of many different methods for joining sheet metal, offers a permanent fastening solution which achieves a strong joint in blind sheet metal applications.

Sheet metal riveting is popular in the sheet metal industry largely because this technique can be quickly and easily carried out on or off site.
TR offers a full range of Blind Rivets and Blind Rivet Nuts.
Our numerous types of blind sheet metal fasteners are suitable for many different applications.

Installation process overview

Sheet metal blind rivets are installed using manual, electric or pneumatic tools.

The tubular rivet assembly is inserted into a pre-drilled hole where the mating parts are to be joined. Then the installation tool is used to draw the mandrel into the rivet, which expands the blind end and causes the end of the mandrel to snap off. Subsequently, the stem ejects to form a tight joint.


Blind Rivets

Blind Rivets »

Blind Rivets offer a fastening solution when access to the back or underside of sheet metal in any application is restricted. Our rivets for sheet metal provide a strong permanent joint and are suitable for use in many different types of applications.
TR’s Blind Rivet range includes open, sealed, multi-grip, peel and grooved blind rivets, with many materials available as standard or application specific.
Blind Rivet Nuts

Blind Rivet Nuts »

Available as reduced head, flange head and countersunk types with either a knurled, plain or hexagon body, our sheet metal rivet nuts offer a strong female thread in blind application and high push-out and torsional resistance.

Top FAQs

What product can I use if I have punched hexagon shaped holes?

Blind Rivet Nuts include a range with a hexagon body, suitable for hexagon punched holes.

Do I need access to both sides of the sheet when inserting Blind Rivet Nuts or Blind Rivets?

No, the Blind Rivet Nuts or Blind Rivets are one of the few sheet metal products that can be installed from one side only.

What part of a Blind Rivet is used? What part is discarded upon installation?

The body, shell or hat is retained, whilst the stem, tail or mandrel snaps and is discarded during insertion.    

Can these products be installed on and off site?


What is the difference between knurled and plain grip?

Blind Rivet Nuts, knurled grip offer a higher torsional resistance to plain grip.

Did you know?

Both the Blind Rivet and the Blind Rivet Nut ranges were invented to be used in the aviation industry.

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Sheet Metal products

Sheet Metal Product Focus »

For over 45 years TR Fastenings has been at the forefront of sheet metal fastener innovation, manufacture and distribution, offering a wide range of products to suit a number of different applications and sectors.

Hank Self Clinch fasteners

Pressing »

TR manufactures and distributes a wide spectrum of sheet metal fastening products that are pressed into pre-punched holes. These include our own branded Hank® Self Clinch fasteners, Hank® Rivet Bushes, and K-Series® Nuts.

Weld Studs

Welding »

TR offers high quality Weld Studs and Weld Nuts for sheet metal across a wide range of industries. Our Weld Nuts and Studs provide permanent female or male thread in sheet metal that is too thin to be tapped by other fastening methods.

Sheet Metal Related Products

Related Products »

TR’s sheet metal related products include spring steel fasteners, masking caps and plugs, enclosure hardware and a full range of DIN & ISO standard bolts and screws.