Fasteners for Sheet Metal

Fasteners for Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal Fastenings: TR offers ‘one-stop’ solutions in the manufacture and supply of products widely used in various industry sectors


For over 45 years TR Fastenings has been at the forefront of sheet metal fastener innovation, manufacture and distribution. Offering a wide range of products to suit a number of different applications and sectors, the company is confident that they can provide solutions for a whole host of industry requirements

TR’s manufacturing network spans two continents and represents approximately a third of the Group’s business. The company’s logistical capabilities ensure parts are made to meet quality, volume, cost and delivery needs.

With in-house quality and application engineers, along with a friendly and knowledgeable sales force, TR is able to offer a range of services to meet the needs of many different industries. 

Whether you are looking to press, rivet or weld during manufacturing or assembly processes, TR’s product portfolio offers a range of options to suit.


TR Sheet Metal range


Installation methods

Sheet Metal Products: Self Clinching fastener solutions for pressing installation

TR Fastenings manufactures and distributes a wide spectrum of sheet metal fastening products that are pressed into pre-punched holes. These include our own branded Self Clinch fasteners, Hank® Rivet Bushes, and K-Series® Nuts. TR’s sheet metal clinching products provide strong load bearing threads in sheet metal of differing thicknesses

Installation process overview

Self Clinch fasteners are designed for installation when both sides of the sheet metal are accessible using a parallel squeezing force, delivered by pneumatic press.

The fast and simple pressing installation process using Self Clinch Studs, Nuts, Standoffs or Panel Fasteners creates mutual self deformation between the mating part and the sheet metal fixing. The clinch fastener becomes a permanent part of the sheet metal panel delivering a hugely reliable and strong fixing.


We hold an extensive range of our own branded Self Clinch products in stock, with access to either our own manufacturers or reliable distributor networks we can also deliver bespoke or product variants at speed.

Self Clinch Fasteners
Designed to offer a permanent female or male thread in sheet metal across a wide range of critical applications, our own-branded Self Clinch products come in a range of shapes and sizes, including Threaded Clinch Studs, Clinch Nuts, Standoffs, Panel Fasteners and Pins. All have a high pull-out and torque tolerance and come in a wide variety of materials and plated finishes.

Hank® Rivet Bushes
Our comprehensive range of Hank® Rivet Bushes are designed to add load bearing female threads in thin sheet metal. Offering the best torsional and pull-out resistance, our range of Rivet Bush products include round serrated face, round serrated spigot, hexagon, standoffs, mini round, Tank and Swage.

Our Hank® Rivet Bushes are manufactured in a variety of materials and finishes.

K-Series® Nuts
Our K-Series® Nuts are versatile products providing a strong and permanent female thread for sheet metal and some plastic applications too thin to be tapped by usual methods. Our K-Series® Standard and Thin Nuts can be installed using a standard press. Once fixed, our K-Series® Nuts offer a strong fixing and permanent thread with a high prevailing torque and pull-out resistance.

Did you know?

The Self Clinch range of products were invented in 1942, whilst the Hank® Rivet Bush dates back to 1928.

View our Self Clinch FAQs here

Sheet Metal Products: for installation by riveting

Riveting, one of many different methods for joining sheet metal, offers a permanent fastening solution which achieves a strong joint in blind sheet metal applications.

Sheet metal riveting is popular in the sheet metal industry largely because this technique can be quickly and easily carried out on or off site.

TR offers a full range of Blind Rivets and Blind Rivet Nuts.

Our numerous types of blind Sheet Metal Fasteners are suitable for many different applications.

Installation process overview

Sheet metal Blind Rivets are installed using manual, electric or pneumatic tools.

The tubular rivet assembly is inserted into a pre-drilled hole where the mating parts are to be joined. Then the installation tool is used to draw the mandrel into the rivet, which expands the blind end and causes the end of the mandrel to snap off. Subsequently, the stem ejects to form a tight joint.


Blind Rivets
Blind Rivets offer a fastening solution when access to the back or underside of sheet metal in any application is restricted. Our rivets for sheet metal provide a strong permanent joint and are suitable for use in many different types of applications.

TR’s Blind Rivet range includes open, sealed, multi-grip, peel and grooved blind rivets, with many materials available as standard or application specific.

Blind Rivet Nuts
Available as reduced head, flange head and countersunk types with either a knurled, plain or hexagon body, our Sheet Metal Rivet Nuts offer a strong female thread in blind application and high push-out and torsional resistance.

Did you know?

Both the Blind Rivet and the Blind Rivet Nut ranges were invented to be used in the aviation industry.

View our Self Clinch FAQs here

Sheet Metal Products: fastener solutions for installation by capacitor discharge stud welding

TR Fastenings offers high quality weld studs and weld nuts for sheet metal across a wide range of industries.

Our Weld Nuts and Studs provide permanent female or male thread in sheet metal that is too thin to be tapped by other fastening methods. TR’s Weld products are easy to install using the relevant spot weld machinery and offer a strong, reliable application.

Installation process overview

Sheet metal fabrications are easily joined using spot welding.

Our weld products are pin welded to sheet metal using an electric Capacitor Discharge (CD) gun. Access is required from one side only.

Considerations when welding studs to sheet metal include the requirement of equipment for installation and high re-work costs if Welding Nuts and Studs are installed incorrectly.


There are many different styles and types of weld products in the market place conforming to various international standards. TR is a stockist of many of these, including a comprehensive range of DIN and ISO standard nuts.

Our huge stock range of products are easy and quick to install and offer a strong, reliable male thread, female threaded standoff or pin suitable for a wide range of sheet metal applications.

Weld Nuts
Installed using projection welding equipment, our CD Weld Nuts provide a strong female thread and are suitable for thin sheet metal. All of our Weld Nuts are available in steel and stainless steel, in hexagon (DIN 929) or square (DIN 928) styles. Their highly engineered design overcomes the burn-out and re-tapping problems often experienced with lower grade products.

Weld Studs and Standoffs
Our CD Weld Studs, installed using a CD gun, provide a strong male thread in thin sheet metal. Pin welding adheres the stud to the sheet metal without the requirement of a pre-punched hole. Weld Studs are installed on one side of the metal fabrication and offer quick installation, high joint strength and a permanent fixing. We have various sizes in stock in a range of different materials, including aluminium, stainless steel and steel. Our Weld Standoff products have extended body length with an internal thread.

Did you know?

Welding is one of the oldest forms of joining one product to another and it dates back to the Bronze Age, however welding as we know it was developed during the Victorian era.

View our Self Clinch FAQs here

Sheet Metal - related products

To complement our Sheet Metal Products, TR Fastenings also offer compatible items to enhance these ranges.


TR’s sheet metal related products include Spring Steel Fasteners, Masking Caps and Plugs, Enclosure Hardware and a full range of DIN & ISO standard Bolts and Screws.


Spring Steel Fasteners
Our range of steel fasteners, from Cage Nuts, Flat Nuts, Torque Nuts to Multi Thread U Nuts, come in a variety of specifications and threads to offer protection and convenience for a range of sheet metal racks, panels and enclosures.

Masking Caps and Plugs
Our silicone Masking Caps and Plugs are manufactured from premium materials, are suitable for all thread masking needs, and can withstand temperatures up to 315 C°. They are widely used alongside our Hank® Rivet Bushes and Self Clinch ranges and used to protect threads from processes that have the potential to impact on thread performance.

Enclosure Hardware
TR is a leading global supplier of Enclosure Hardware, including Locking Systems, Locks, Lock Components, Hinges, Clamps, Terminals, Gaskets, Latches, Handles and other accessories. Our robust range of Enclosure Hardware products are supplied into a wide range of industries worldwide, including Telecoms, Transport, Energy, Oil and Gas, and HVAC.

Screws and Bolts
Our range of DIN and ISO standard Screws and Bolts are widely used in the assembly process.

We believe knowledge sharing is fundamental to innovation and that’s why problem solving is part of our DNA at TR. Our knowledge base, which has been developed to directly help our customers, includes animated installation guides, tooling requirements, technical information, fastener standards and comparison tables.


Further information:

TR Fastenings grows and invests in sheet metal portfolio

TR has been at the forefront of sheet metal fastening solutions for over 45 years, stocking in excess of 100,000 sheet metal products and supplying to more than 5000 companies worldwide

This large-scale investment sees expansion of its own branded Self Clinch Fasteners, a new range of K-Series® Thin Nuts, access to a full suite of brand new resources on its already extensive website and improvements to all its sales and marketing brochures, in a move designed to provide customers with greater information and clarity.

The TR brand is highly regarded throughout the global sheet metal industries and has become synonymous with Sheet Metal Fasteners. The brand is part of a wide-ranging product portfolio and for customers looking to press, rivet or weld during manufacturing or assembly processes; TR can supply products for a whole host of industry requirements across a wide range of applications. 

To support this product focus, TR’s website now provides a series of educational and informative videos to help clients better understand which of their innovative products are best suited to their exact requirements. These helpful and explanatory animations – which also include product information and key considerations about each product – will reassure customers they are buying the correctly specified item. The videos form part of a wider revamp of the sheet metal industry section of the website, including in-depth product specification and FAQs.

Steve Wallis, Sales Office Manager at TR Fastenings, said: “We are particularly proud of our latest technical animations which highlight the features and benefits of the products in a way that is easy to understand. We hope it will make the decision making process smoother for customers and with our in-house quality and application engineers, and knowledgeable sales teams, we can provide a bespoke and full service for sheet metal requirements. We are confident that TR can offer a sheet metal fastening to suit just about any application.”

Published 19.06.2020


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Sheet Metal Products: stock and supply

Supplying fasteners into c.75 countries and more than 5,000 companies, TR is a Full Service Provider working with customers from early engineering and design stage, right through to specification, manufacturing, quality and logistics

Flexibility in service and stock availability

As a major supplier to the Light vehicle, energy, tech and infrastructure and health & home sectors, TR has a robust business model for large OEM’s and SME’s. We hold stock of a huge range of Sheet Metal Fastenings and related products. As a result, TR is able to deal with a variety of different applications, including where high volumes are a requirement.

TR offers real flexibility in service, in product ranges and is able to effectively and efficiently accommodate customer needs. Our customer service and sales teams are on hand to help with any problems that sit outside of the normal stock and supply issues.

“TR always provides a fast and efficient service and helpful advice on new requirements.” IC – Operations Director - OKW Enclosures Ltd.

Our extensive stock availability ensures customers benefit from reduced costs of stockholding and storage as only a few days’ stock needs to be held on the production line. Production can focus on its core function, as standard parts are always available at the point of use.

Our automated optical sorting facilities and specialist packing capabilities mean that TR can supply quality products reliably.

Inspection costs are also reduced as quality approved parts can be shipped direct to the production line.

Logistical support

TR understands that a global approach requires specific solutions in terms of communication, culture and security. Our three-tier approach, which includes local, national and international teams, is able to address all of these challenges in order to provide customers with the quality fastening solutions and economic advantages that they require.

We offer flexible dispatch times to meet with our customers’ needs. The large stocks and general availability of our products mean we can respond quickly when competitor’s products malfunction or when production priorities change.

Providing a range of delivery services and flexible response times, we offer next day delivery, timed if required, self-scan if certain criteria are met, or DLF (Direct Line Feed). Importantly, our global delivery operations ensure customers’ needs are consistently met.

"TR Fastenings have been a supplier to Potters for over 25 years, and as the Purchasing Manager I personally have dealt with them for over 20 years. I have always found their service to be second to none, which is why they are our main supplier of sheet metal fastenings. I would recommend TR to anyone looking to buy sheet metal fastenings, as the product range meets my needs and is of an exceptional quality. The sales team both internal and external are reliable, extremely helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and very easy to deal with."

Lea Bullen, Operations Manager, L. Potter & Sons Ltd.

Published 01.07.2020

Engineering and technical back-up

There are many application challenges within the sheet metal industries. Selecting and installing the correct fasteners is one of them. Faced with increasing environmental responsibilities and unprecedented technological change, manufacturers and contractors are challenging for higher quality and smarter, application-based sheet metal fastening solutions

Our research and technical capabilities encompass specific engineering disciplines evolved to support all sheet metal application solutions. TR offers fastener testing capabilities across a range of categories, including mechanical, dimensional, installation, and plating and finishes.

Application advice and guidance from our on-site engineers

TR’s depth of engineering knowledge and technical back-up is relied upon by our customers who are seeking assistance in the selection of products best suited to particular contracts or applications. Our global technical team can offer application advice and guidance and has the expertise to assist with solutions if there is an application issue that needs resolving.

In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, controlling cost and maintaining a high level of quality is a vital component of success. We offer complete confidence to our customers through our quality accreditation, which includes PPAP level 3. Here is what our existing customers say about our level of quality and expertise:

“In general it is great to work with all of the TR teams as they are always customer orientated and willing to help out. The knowledge, especially from TR’s Quality Department, is great because with this they can define and detect troubles and problems.

“For specific projects, TR and HA-CO are always looking for improvements, we are now also developing a special stand-off.” Manuel Grimm, Ha-Co, Austria

Fast response and flexible product solutions
Adapting to change in the current technologically fast-paced environment is essential. TR’s global technical team is able to respond to requirements for smaller, lighter and more flexible product solutions, assist in troubleshooting and in the specifications for bespoke orders.

Where competitors’ products have failed, TR’s engineering team is quick to respond and in some cases this has included on-site visits to resolve application malfunction. With quality application engineers based at most TR sites, we can travel to deal with customers on a personal level if required.

Our customers, as you can see from the testimonials below, are delighted with the technical support TR offers.

“I am very happy with the way that TR Fastenings’ Quality Department is providing me with solutions and answers to my concerns and questions. The department is very skilful and their knowledge is helping us to provide our customers with the information that they require for technical problems.”  Bram van Maurik, Batenburg, Holland

“We are also very satisfied with your Quality Department. Problems are dealt with quickly and solutions are found.” Michaela Kyriakidou, Dueko, Germany

Communication, flexibility, engineering expertise and problem solving are fundamental to the service we bring to our customers. We have a robust, organised network of engineers across the globe troubleshooting application problems and helping customers with their fastening solution challenges.


Our aim is to provide a level of product quality that prevents the production of non-conforming fasteners, with the objective of approaching zero defects for specified characteristics.

Customer specific quality standards can also be provided as required. The means of achieving these higher quality standards include: electronic PPAP, supplier development, and strategic sourcing, as well as camera, laser and roller sorting.

Published 01.07.2020

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Sheet Metal Products: fastening solutions for multiple industries

Every industry has specific needs in both product and quality requirements which we can meet through the extent of our portfolio and scope of our quality certification

We offer a full range of Sheet Metal Fastening products, flexible manufacturing capabilities and engineering expertise including 24-hour online application advice. TR’s friendly and professional staff are on hand to work with our customers offering before and after sales service. TR Fastenings is globally renowned for its high standard of products and services across the sheet metal industry sectors.


With the electronics sector evolving at such rapid pace, TR offers engineering expertise with specific knowledge of the challenges faced in the industry. We help our customers overcome assembly issues with our complete design and application-based service.

In addition, recognising the move towards smaller electronic products, TR manufactures a range of sheet metal fastenings from size M2 to ensure we assist our customers in producing smaller lighter products.


For decades TR has been supplying the HVAC industry sector with products that can be used in challenging applications, be it close to edge standoffs or concealed head products.

TR considers itself as an expert in the supply of HVAC fastenings and has a host of associated products such as DIN and ISO screws to offer this specific industry sector.


TR recognises the wide variety of contract work that sheet metal subcontractors are involved with. In accordance with those requirements, TR stocks a comprehensive range of sheet metal fastenings to suit these varying contracts.

Whether customers need sheet metal fastenings to press, rivet or weld during manufacturing, the TR product portfolio has evolved to meet specifications across a broad range of applications and different sheet metal industries.

Our online comprehensive free fastener CAD library offers 2D and 3D models for thousands of products. With over 20,000 configurations in the library, you can specify the exact size of fastener you require then download the correctly sized model in any one of 27 different 2D and 3D formats.

Customer service excellence

As well as offering a full range of sheet metal fastenings, with flexible manufacturing capabilities, TR has made significant investment in the level of support it offers to enhance its customer service. We deliver comprehensive support to our customers across every requirement, from concept design through to technical engineering consultancy, manufacturing, supply management and global logistics

TR is incredibly proud of its track record in delivering outstanding customer care, which is reflected in the testimonials we regularly receive from many of our longstanding customers.
“I have been trading with TR Fastenings for the last 20 years as a buyer for a sheet metal company and have dealt with many sales staff at TR in that time. I have found all of them to be very professional with excellent product knowledge and very articulate and friendly.
“My job involves talking to people every day and it is a pleasure to deal with TR Fastenings. There is always a cheerful helpful voice at the end of the phone which is not the case with some suppliers I have to deal with.
“Thank you TR for your continued support, competitive pricing, punctual deliveries and excellent staff. I will continue purchasing from you and recommending you to other companies.”
Chris Sandford – Buyer – Lund Brothers Ltd.
“The TR team is friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to help.” Greg Gisborne, Havant Sheet Metal Ltd

What sets us apart?

TR is a trusted Full Service Provider (FSP) offering engineering design and manufacturing expertise to a wide range of industry sectors. TR works with companies from early design stage right through to specification, manufacturing, quality control and logistics.

Throughout the customer journey we always aim to exceed expectations, offering a service that is both friendly and knowledgeable, based on expert engineering advice. Our response time is second to none.

At its heart, TR aims to offer every single customer a seamless professional sales service from the initial enquiry and assisting with product suitability through to order and after-sales support. It is why many of our customers have been relying on TR for their Sheet Metal Fastening needs for decades. We think our customer retention levels are testimony to our success.

Our industry knowledge

Fastening solutions are helping to shape the future in a number of key sectors, including electronics and technology, telecoms, HVAC, domestic appliances and sheet metal industries.

Our teams of customer service and sales operatives have a broad knowledge of industry sectors and have a reputation for building strong relationships with customers.

TR’s account managers will learn everything they need to know about your company in order to deliver an effective service, be it in recognising historic requirements and new developments, or keeping up to date with challenges in specific industries. Our staff are very adept at signposting to other TR departments for engineering expertise when required and have a genuine understanding and empathy with customer requirements.

We are dedicated to helping our customers in overcoming application challenges. As well as a knowledgeable sales team, we have a bank of helpful and explanatory animations detailing product information and specific considerations.



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